Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

SS15 Sastrugi is a collection consisting of just five components. 

The wind changes – north, east, south. You hardly see it. Only the result of overpowering storms makes us think about the impact of the wind. The WIND is invisible and rarely noticeable. Only where we come into contact with NATURE, can we feel it more easily. The wind becomes stronger the higher up or the further north you are. The wind creates SASTRUGI – streamlined elevations or grooves in the snow.

We as a society move with the wind. It takes us with it without us realising it. Nowadays, we are expected to be FLEXIBLE. Every day we have to change ourselves and adapt to our surroundings. The borders are open, the existence of them is almost invisible. People can easily migrate and change their place of residence quickly.

As a result of people’s frequent relocation, daily products/objects/clothing are often subject to conflicting requirements and have to fulfil as many functions as possible. This gives rise to the task for us as designers:

to develop multifunctional but also simple products.