Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

SS17 Private Space

Kaizen. Kai = change. Zen = to improve.All things in the world are in a harmonious relationship.Even the apparent opposites have the same origin.


At present, society is predominantly performance-orientated.Always faster, better and more precise. Direct communication between people is often dispensed with so that more time can be invested in work.Is it still possible to achieve peace and contentment in today’s everyday rhythm?

PRIVATE SPACE – the collection is intended as a metaphor for one’s own space.The aim is to sensitise people to the boundaries between the public and private spheres. Ideally, the viewer should question their habits.How much time is taken for one’s own well-being and how much for the common good?It is a feminine collection that combines the abstract and the everyday. By folding and tying, the showpieces can be worn in everyday life, but by blowing them up they become a work of art.


The colour mood for the collection reflects calm and contentment. Shades of blue, white and black are combined with small accents in contrasting colours. The collection is very much about the feel. Subtle prints, laser-cut patterns, natural materials and transparent overlays that offer a playful approach are the key building blocks of the collection. The silhouettes reveal a polarity. On the one hand, tight, close-to-the-skin silhouettes are used, while on the other, an extreme is depicted. This creates a space between the person and their environment. The clothing offers a private space and gives the opportunity to be confronted only with oneself.