Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

Art Project. 

Serious people

When we are young, we would like to be older. When we are old, we would like to be younger. Maybe we should just try to live in the moment, in the now, and be at peace with it.

Humans are creatures who like to philosophise a lot. They think about what would have happened differently or better if they had made this or that decision differently or whether they should have been braver. Perhaps they should simply take a break and work on nothing at all in the meantime.

We – humans – like to forget that the life we have is unique, that we decide for ourselves whether we will be happy tomorrow or not.

Let’s celebrate what we have every day. Let’s enjoy the small events just as much as the big events and let’s share them with loved ones.

The project – Serious People – is a book for which I photographed people. Everyone has their peculiarities but also many positive aspects. There were many enriching encounters and an intensive exchange with different personalities.

Through the years we have lived, we become richer in experiences, gather them and build relationships. Ageing happens without our consent, without us being asked whether we want it or not.

Let’s just be in the here and now.