Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

AW18 Dọgu – the objects that reflect the personality of their owner.

What if people changed their understanding of time? What if instead of counting days, weeks and years, we counted eventful, stylish, lively and also sad moments?

What if we changed the consumption of things to the consumption of experiences? Would we end up with more contentment and contemplation?



As inspiration for the collection, two terms were taken as a starting point: døgn, which means 24 hours in norwegian. This changes the perception of time: you don’t concentrate on the parts – day and night – but you look at it as a holistic period of time – 24 hours. The existence of a person becomes present – in the moment where you are. the starting point for the work was a moment that is repeated every day: 01:00 o’clock. Brightest stars from the constellations of several nights were used as signposts. Lines resulting from the connection of these stars were used as the basis for the development of the products. They can be found in the cuts, small details and prints.


The second origin comes from japan: dọgu – these are the objects with which people live together and which reflect the personality of their owner. The product should be able to offer a sensuality, an added value in order to gain meaning in the space of the person. The aim is to gain more experiences with fewer parts. Demands on the products remain high – quality and usefulness are decisive.


We have a lot but only need a little. How do you find the path to reduction? The collection should offer products that people like to wear. Attention was paid to wearing comfort, warmth and functionality. the result is urban jackets with functional aspects: down jackets, woollen coats and anoraks. However, a product must not only serve practical purposes, it should also meet aesthetic requirements. Dọgu offers contemporary fashion for all genders, focussing on people and their personalities.

The target group are people who live their lives in an urban environment without sacrificing a healthy, active and environmentally friendly lifestyle. they are looking for products that enrich their everyday life and offer an alternative and individual fashion. they are looking for a high-quality and meaningful product.


The perception of clothing is changing in two directions these days: on the one hand, more and cheaper clothing is being offered and, on the other hand, the origin and production conditions are becoming increasingly important. This is reflected in two aspects of the collection. natural materials are used for the collection – wool, linen, cotton – as well as man-made fibres of natural origin – viscose, lyocell, kapok – and alternatives made of synthetic materials – pes and elastane – are only used for technical aspects. However, as the origin of the entire product is not the only factor that plays a role, emphasis was placed on durable design in order to ensure that the product can be used for as long as possible, also from an aesthetic point of view.


The collection is intended to give you the opportunity to take a step back and treat yourself to a break. To pause for a moment, whether it’s early in the morning when everyone else is still asleep or perhaps in the middle of a crowded place where you can still take that brief moment of personal peace. The main thing is that you concentrate on the experience of being and leave the material world behind you, even if only briefly.