Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

Exhibition ’18.



In the textile industry, “lining” refers to the inner lining of a garment. It is the centrepiece and usually an invisible but important detail. In the “Lining” exhibition, graduates from Reutlingen University specialising in textile, fashion and knitwear design show the final projects from their bachelor’s degree and thus the centrepieces of their training.


Particular emphasis is placed on values such as group cohesion and diligence in the research and design process.


“Lining” also contains the English word “line”, which symbolises the fact that the students are connected, but at the same time each of them follows their own line, their own path, and in the unconventional nature of the creative language, the research or the creative process, the works presented sometimes transcend personal, creative and social boundaries. The exhibition presents the extraordinary design possibilities in textile and fashion design, which combine creative and practical knowledge. The exhibits convey and emphasise this process from the first sketch to the realisation and presentation of the product.


As their first final semester, the students of textile design, fashion design and knitwear design have decided to hold a joint exhibition at the Kunstverein Reutlingen for the first time, which is the result of three and a half years of creative and personal development. On display are 15 artistic and creative positions with very individual signatures as well as an interactive performance instead of a conventional fashion show.


Location: Kunstmuseum Reutlingen