Hi, my name is Liene. I am a sportswear designer, conceptional thinker and outdoor lover.

M.A. ’21

Master Platform: Hybrid zone


Co-creators: Nele My Schwesig, Marius Rohne and Liene Sanktjohanser

The Master Advanced Design was not sufficiently represented and explained in 2020, Corona and the lack of exhibitions further exacerbate the problem.


We were a democratically organised grassroots movement in our Master. Elected by our fellow students, the aim of our project was to generate a sustainable website about the degree programme. In doing so, we – the students of the Master’s programme in Advanced Design – asserted our right within our democratic state to reflect our study framework and course content in the public sphere.


We reported on our own Master’s programme and the discourse that arises within it. We presented our projects and learning content, the students and the framework of the programme: Corona 2020. At the same time, graduates could also present their past projects and future ones could become part of our platform.


The aim of the platform was to invite the public to participate in our discourse and to get in touch with individual students as well as with the entire Master’s programme via selected formats.

The sustainability and independence of the platform was important to us. We largely dispense with plug-ins that affect the front end and completely dispense with extensions based on subscription models. Instead, we use open source libraries or proven freeware plug-ins.


It was important to us that the next semesters can use our shared platform as easily as possible and without a lot of work. The platform should be visually associated with the university, which is why individual areas of the newly developed corporate identity were adapted for the project.


Our website can only represent our Master’s if everyone can use the platform in the long term or customise it according to their needs.


We are the Master Advanced Design – and this is also reflected in our visual language.